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Professionally installed new or replacement patio doors


Here at RC W&D, our Window and Door Frames are available in the following materials


A well established material that is low maintenance and inexpensive.


The strongest and most durable material available with the option of a powder coat finish in: white, tan, brown and black.


Natural, timeless aesthetics and energy efficient.


Low maintenance due to it’s extra durable exterior, no need to paint, stain or refinish! Is energy efficient and long lasting.

Insulated Glass

Originally, wood and aluminium windows & doors were built with a single pane of glass, you may now notice them in older homes.


At RC W&D, our windows and doors are made with insulated glass. Insulated glass requires 2 panes of glass with about 1 centimeter of space in between that is sealed to keep out any moisture.


The benefits of insulated glass is that it makes your window and doors stronger and are energy efficient making it difficult for air to seep through the windows.

Grids Style

Grids Style

Grid patterns are inserted between your window or doors’ glass panes that add a decorative appeal to your home.

Tinted Glass

Provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm climates. It can also provide privacy and reduce the transmittance of outdoor light.

Decorative Glass

RC exclusive decorative glass families and multiple sidelights and transoms, you’ll find the ideal style to bring light and style to your entryway. Choose a design you love and we’ll help you find the door to go with it.